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Garage Floor Coatings 


Not all coatings are equal, at PROTEC COATINGS we use the highest quality coatings for your garage floor. Our flooring solutions provide a clean, durable and effective coating that will last. 



It doesn't matter how long you've had your concrete floor we have a solution for you. New home owner or existing concrete floor it's never too late for a protective floor coating. 

After neglect for years, concrete floors can become dangerours. Oil leaks, paint, chemicals or general wear from tire tracks and grime can make the garage or basement floor a dirty site.

Replacing an aging floor can be expensive, best practice is to protect the floor before it comes an issue. PROTEC COATINGS are a superior and cost effective way to restore old concrete floors and protect the new concrete from future damage.


Fully Customizable to suit your needs.






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