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What to keep in mind when renovating a kitchen

1. Only use high quality materials. High quality cabinetry will give you years of great service. Cutting corners to save a few dollars on cabinets may cause regret as they show wear and tear more easily.

2. Select the proper cabinet height for your kitchen. For eight foot ceilings choose cabinets that go to the ceiling to get maximum storage and for higher ceilings leave 15 to 18 inches above the cabinets.

3. Select an elegant countertop. White marble or stained wood add elegance and warmth while slate, soapstone or limestone will give a sophisticated look.

4. Install an island that works for you. Islands should have an open look and not be crowded with appliances. If you want it to house a dishwasher, sink or a cook top, then maintain the look of a harvest table.

5. Add some interest. Your kitchen should reflect you. Add a piece of unique furniture and avoid wall-to-wall kitchen cabinets.

6. Stick to basic appliances. Instead of lots of appliances and gadgets, consider selecting a few reliable basics.

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