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Bed liners offer protection to truck beds which can reduce maintenance costs and increase the longevity of the bed itself. There are a few different options that truck owerns can take advantage from: a carpet liner, a drop-in bed liner, or a spray on bed liner.

Here are five advantages that spray on bed liners have over the other options:

Fits Trucks of Any Size

The other two options, drop-in bed liners and carpet liners, are only produced for trucks in certain sizes. If your truck is an older model, or some type of custom-made model, a spray on bed liner may be your only option.

No Shifting

If you opt for a drop-in liner, you might find that the liner starts to shift around over time. This is not only annoying, but can also expose the bed and scratch the paint on the truck. Spray on bed liners don’t have any problems with shifting because, as the name implies, the liner is sprayed directly on the bed of the truck.

Prevent Harmful Damage

Drop-in liners are susceptible to damage, such as cracking and ripping, which can allow for moisture to accumulate. When that happens, corrosion or rust will soon follow. A spray on bed liner won’t allow moisture to accumulate because it’s completely, 100% airtight.

Cosmetic Improvements Over Other Liners

Drop-in liners usually come in only one color: black. On the other hand, spray on liners are available in a variety of colors. You can select the color that looks best on your truck and even have it tinted.

Low Maintenance (who wouldnt love this?)

As mentioned previously, the other types of liners are susceptible to damage, and fixing that damage will require some level of maintenance. Dirt can also accumulate beneath the other kinds of liners, and this can cause damage to the bed if it’s not cleaned. Spray on bed liners, simply put, don’t experience these “high maintenance” problems.

Now you're interested in a spray bed liner, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and explain Protec Coatings and products in more detail.

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